Gay Marriage/Gay Adoption

I saw a post in the larry tag (HERE) where a girl was doing a school project on gay marriage/gay adoption, and she wanted our opinions/thoughts on it.  I started writing in her ask box, but I realized I would probably have to send like five of them to write everything I want to say, so this was easier.  

So, wasted-with-horan, this is for you!

Personally I don’t understand how people can tolerate (and even support) a marriage that lasts for 72 days and condemn a marriage between two people of the same sex who want to spend their entire lives together.  Now, I’m a Christian, and I grew up being told that homosexuality was immoral and condemned by God.  I believed it for a long time…and then I started thinking for myself.  How could God condemn two people for loving each other, even when they’re the same sex?  Surely he would rejoice in the simple fact that there’s a little bit more love in the world, no? 

Second, there’s the argument about whether or not being gay is a choice or if it’s their nature.  Have you ever seen what some people go through when they realize they’re attracted to the same sex?  Do you have any idea how much simpler their lives would be if they could just choose to NOT be gay?  I’m fairly certain that a large majority would NOT willingly put themselves through all the ridicule and shame and beatings and being driven away from their friends and families if they had a choice in who they loved.  

Third, we come to the argument of ‘the bible says its wrong’.  You’re right, the bible does say it’s wrong…but it also says that you can’t work on Sundays, a man must marry a woman if he rapes her, slavery is okay and slaves are property, a woman must submit to her husband, anyone who commits adultery must be stoned to death, and that divorce is unholy and unacceptable in the eyes of God.  Need I go on?  You can’t pick and choose which laws you think still apply and which don’t in order to suit your argument.  It doesn’t work like that.  

To address the issue of gay couples adopting - I say, “Why not?”  Coming from someone who was in the foster care system for almost seven years, I can attest to the fact that I would have much rather have two adopted moms or two adopted dads than be forced to stay in the system for that long.  The more couples who are willing to give a child a family, the better.  Why deny a child the opportunity of a loving family just because the family happens to be a couple of the same sex? That’s just foolish, selfish, and wrong.

I hope this helps, wasted-with-horan!

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